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Ultra Mobile is Hiring!

Do your pants itch? Is your dog home alone all day with no one to play with? Does your boss feel threatened by your excessive talents and keep you stuffed in a box? Well Ultra Mobile is your solution.

Throw off those pleated pants for a relaxed pair of jeans, kick off those Sunday shoes and throw Fido into the carpool lane with you. You’re hired at Ultra Mobile.
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Remember all those “threatening” qualities? Bring it. We were all threats once, now we’re a team.
Ultra is international. We are communication. We are awesome. We are recruiting mad geniuses to join our ever-expanding vision to connect the world. At this company: you will be noticed, you will have fun, a lot will be asked of you, and you will love it.

We are seeking a Database Administrator/Architect!

Position Duties:
  • Document the company's database environment.
  • When performance issues arise, determine the most effective way to increase performance including hardware purchases, server configuration changes, or index/query changes
  • Monitor per-server performance and Troubleshoot SQL Server service outages as they occur, including after-hours and weekends
  • Configure SQL Server monitoring utilities to minimize false alarms, manage failed jobs and replications
  • Designing/Testing/Implementing Backup and Archive policies
  • Document the company's database environment
  • Each week, give developers a list of the top 10 most resource-intensive queries on the server and suggest ways to improve performance on each
  • Design indexes for existing applications, choosing when to add or remove indexes
  • Advise developers on the most efficient database designs (tables, data types, stored procedures, functions, etc)
  • Building basic ETL jobs for accepting CSV data from the carrier using SSIS
  • Working with SQL Analysts to assess need and design/implement Data Warehouses for subscriber information.
  • Ensure that new database code meets company standards for readability, reliability, and performance
  • Managing SQL Server Replication paths
  • Designing and Building out long-term SQL Server Cluster to provide fail-over capabilities.
  • Provides database support by coding utilities, responding to user questions, and resolving problems.
  • On-call troubleshooting experience with at least one production SQL Server for a year.
  • Finding DMV queries to answer questions about server-level performance
  • Using free tools like sp Blitz™ to diagnose server reliability and performance issues
  • Tuning T-SQL queries to improve performance
  • BS in CS, Engineering, or related discipline and/or
  • 8+ progressive years using SQL Server in a DBA/equivalent role, with at least 5+ yrs experience on SQL Server 2005/SQL Server 2008.
  • Strong experience in Database Administration in SQL Server ( 2005 and 2008 )
  • Experience in troubleshooting and resolving database integrity issues, performance issues, blocking and deadlocking issues, replication issues, log shipping issues, connectivity issues, security issues etc.
  •  Ability to detect and troubleshoot SQL Server related CPU,memory,I/O, disk space and other resource contention.
  • Strong knowledge of backups, restores, recovery models, database shrink operations, DBCC commands, Clustering, Database mirroring, Replication.
  • Expert experience in implementing operational automation.
  • SQL Development -- ability to write and troubleshoot SQL Code and design ( stored procs, functions, tables, views, triggers, indexes, constraints )
  • Solid acquaintance with windows server, security delegation, SPNs, storage components.
  • Good communication and documentation skills.
  • Data Warehouse experience in Dimensional and Transactional Modeling, Materialized Views, Partitioning, SQL, and Cube Queries a must.
  • Experience with mission critical, 24/7 production environments required.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Solid project management skills, able to multitask and very detail oriented. .
  • Team-player, flexible and able to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Strong data warehouse/data mart/data mining experience a plus
Position Location: Costa Mesa, CA

PLEASE APPLY ONLINE AT:  http://ultramobile.applicantstack.com/x/apply/a296ecjd2orw

We are an EOE!

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This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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